Breakfast with the Rineharts || A Documentary Family Session

When Carrie and Amber invited me to spend a morning photographing their family, I was absolutely beyond thrilled. When we chatted about what they were looking for, it was clear that we had the same vision for what a family session should be. There would be no cheesing at the camera, no color-coordinating outfits, no perfect hair. This session would be completely authentic to them and their three beautiful, crazy, and hilarious kiddos.

When I arrived on a Saturday morning, the kids were doing what kids do – running around, making each other laugh (or cry), watching Coco, playing music, begging to play with their iPad, and taking turns wearing crazy hats. I don’t know about you, but this is EXACTLY what my Saturday mornings are like with my kids too.

Going in to their documentary family session, my only advice was to do a fun family activity (like making breakfast together). This allowed me to get a few good shots of the family spending quality time together, and anyone who has kids knows that they will fill in the rest quite authentically. The following photographs were all shot candidly in the hour I spent with this amazing family. As a parent myself, I know how fleeting these Saturday mornings are. Life changes so quickly from year to year when kids are little, and to provide an heirloom that captures what life was truly like at each stage is a real honor for me as a photographer.

Special thank you to the Rinehart family for inviting me in to spend a wacky morning with your beautiful family. xoxo


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