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If you have been following our story at all, you know that we are the parents to three incredible kiddos. Our oldest son is turning six (WHAT?!!!), our daughter is three, and our youngest son is nine months, so we know all too well the wild and fleeting ride that is parenting small children. The sleepless nights, the first smiles, laughs, crawls, and walks – all of that stuff is the big stuff, and the stuff that gets documented the most. But what about the small stuff – the way they look at you when they’re proud of their latest art work, the way they sit in your lap and twirl your hair every day, the way they can go from hugging to fighting to snuggling sweetly all within a span of three minutes? We are forever a work-in-progress, but if there is one thing we have come to understand, it’s that all the little stuff IS the big stuff, and it deserves to be captured too.

It’s so (SO) important to us to capture childhood authentically. This is the most beautiful, wild, messy, and authentic they will probably ever be. Any parent with a smart phone knows that kids hate to stop and say cheese. Why is that? It interrupts the moment. They just want to be kids and go back to living in the present, which is exactly where we thrive as family photographers.

Documentary family sessions are such a passion for us. We are humbled that we get to contribute to your family’s legacy in a way that means so much to us as artists, especially being parents ourselves. Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more about this unique style of family photography. If you call Buffalo and the greater WNY area home like we do, we would love to spend some silly, messy, crazy, and authentic time with you and your tribe.




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