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what does it mean to be a documentary photographer?

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Documentary photography is a style of photography used to chronicle events candidly – these can be both historically significant events, or everyday life (which is where we come in). That basically means, we do not interfere with the unfolding of events what-so-ever. We will not direct you to hold hands, when to hug and kiss or snuggle, but when you do those things authentically on your own, we are there to photograph it in an unobtrusive way. It has become very popular for photographers to use the term “documentary” or “photojournalist” when describing their style, but the reality is that most of the time there is still a lot of prompting or posing done on the part of the photographers. While this can create some beautiful images, they’re not authentic moments if the photographer was the one who told you to show affection. See what we’re getting at here? Our entire aim is to be there to capture the story of you and your loved ones as you truly are.

“Why do you work in this style?”

We are most passionate about people and their authentic relationships. We don’t need you to clean your house in preparation, or have everyone color-coordinated and styled perfectly. That’s just not real. Trust us, we have three kids, we’ve seen it ALL. There is nothing more perfect than imperfection. Give us messy hair, sweatpants, and piles of laundry any day.

“What do you mean when you say you work candidly?”

That means that we will not direct you in the slightest. The photographs you receive from us will always be an accurate representation of your life as it is in this very moment. What could be better than preserving real memories, and not having to bribe your kids with ice cream just to say cheese?? HA!

“We love the idea of a documentary session, but we really want one photograph smiling at the camera. Do you do that?”

Ideally, your session would be completely candid. However, we get it!! We whole heartedly believe in capturing authentic moments, but we also understand the desire to grab one “smile at the camera shot,” and are happy to snap a quick one for you at the end of your session if desired.

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“Where do you recommend doing a documentary session?”

There’s no place like home.

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