Documentary Family Sessions

Authentic. Timeless. 100% Candid.

Some of our favorite times are spent photographing families

The key to our family sessions is that they are shot completely candidly, which means we get to provide you with an accurate snapshot of your life at any given time. We know family is the most important thing in the world to us, and having three kids of our own, we know how quickly their little faces change! Sometimes it seems like they are completely new little people overnight!

We are delighted when couples whose weddings we photographed years ago come to us as their families begin to grow. We often have the honor of documenting babies grow in to toddlers, and then in to kids.

We love photographing families in their happy place

* * *

For us, that’s at home. For you, it could be anywhere – your home, Delaware Park, The Buffalo Zoo, or Canalside. Perhaps you’re about to start a family, or just brought home a brand new baby and are insanely sleep-deprived, with a crazy toddler running around (hey, we’ve been there). There is magic in these moments – one that is fleeting. Before you know it that baby that won’t sleep more than twenty minutes at a time will be in first grade talking your ear off about Super Mario. Can you tell we speak from experience?

Look back and remember exactly what life felt like in this moment in time

Maybe you’re a couple in love wanting to document the way you spend your Sunday mornings at this stage of life – coffee percolating, reading the paper, snuggling your dog on couch, or perhaps strolling through Elmwood Village, down Hertel, or in search of the best Public Espresso pour over you’ve ever had.

There is something magical in those quiet moments between you, and we love being able to document it authentically.

We work 100% candidly

And photograph your natural interactions with each other

Some of our favorite photographs are of our kids getting messy making breakfast, snuggling on the couch reading, or just making each other laugh. These authentic moments between loved ones are what we want to capture for you, too.

Documentary Family sessions starting at $400


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