Senior Portraits

Senior portrait sessions are always fun

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We can’t help but think of our own tiny kids as we photograph teenagers on the cusp of adulthood. Parents have got to be wondering HOW their babies have grown in to these incredible people seemingly overnight.

We approach working with seniors much in the same way we approach the rest of our work – as authentically as possible.

Senior Portrait Photography in Western New York

No elbows or chins propped here!

Do you play in a band? Let’s photograph you with your drum set. Do you love horses? We’ll meet you on the farm! Obsessed with that coffee shop down the street? So are we. Let’s meet there and photograph you and your friends sipping on your favorite drinks.

Our goal for any senior lifestyle session is to relax, have fun, and capture the unique personality of each and every incredible teenager we meet

Senior lifestyle sessions starting at $300

Prints of all sizes, and wallets for friends and family are all available through your own private gallery. Discounts available for friends booking together, or for those interested in becoming a senior ambassador.

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