Morgan & John || Statler City Wedding

Though being a photographer in the digital age means pretty much everything is shot in color to begin with, nothing speaks to us quite like a black and white photograph. There is something about stripping away the distractions that come with color that leaves more of the raw emotion behind. Your eye is drawn to the lines of the face, or the expressions of the loved ones in the background. Wrinkles around the eyes may stand out more, but they’re evidence of a life filled with laughter and tell part of the story. Sometimes these things are easily overlooked when the eye is distracted by color.

Morgan and John’s day was filled with love, laughter, and overflowing with Buffalo’s rich history. From The Mansion on Delaware, to St. Joseph’s Cathedral, The Buffalo History Museum, and finally, Statler City – we are in awe of how beautiful our home town is sometimes, and work our hardest to not take it for granted.

We couldn’t ask for a more meaningful backdrop in which to capture the emotions that come with a wedding day. We hope that when Morgan and John look back on their photographs, that many of these raw black and white images are some of their favorites, because they are most certainly ours.

Morgan and John’s wedding day dream team:

  • Dress: Rosa Clara
  • Hair: Sarah Ford
  • Makeup: Christina Duco, The Makeup Parlor
  • Flowers: Willams Florist
  • Transportation: Buffalo Trolleys
  • Cake: Chubby Chex Cakery
  • DJ: Toy Bros



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